Cheked with version 1.2


  • Suulak's Greatest Treasure
  • Dragon Hunt
  • Pilgrim Paths
  • Dwarf Games
  • The mascaron staff
  • Brotherly Love
  • The Battlefield of Wobran


  • The Louse Queen


  • Prophet of Festina
  • Crossed Blades
  • The Kor spear
  • Charyb'Yzz
  • Zurbaran's Kind Hearth
  • That Sinister Druid
  • Telemache's Masterpiece
  • Telemache's Latest Creation
  • The Head of the Crows
  • Counting Crows
  • Rescue the Beauty!
  • Avenging Niam
  • I Need Water!
  • The New Maiden
  • The Old Box
  • Ciliego's Innocence
  • The Gossip
  • The Beggar Girl
  • Corpse Stealers
  • The Unfortunate Dervish
  • The Color of Kings
  • Arena Fights
  • Jesabella's Legacy


  • Cursed Swine!
  • Wobran's Battlefield
  • Prophetess of Ohzara
  • Prophet of Winneb
  • Prophet of El'Halem
  • Over the Cliff



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