Arena Catacombs (Ch. 2) Edit

Merchant Edit

Weapons - Shortbow, Blunt arrow x6, Sinew cutter x6, Hunting arrow x198, Light crossbow, Sinew cutter bolt x6, Blunt bolt x6, Hunting bolt x198, Broadsword x4, Cleaver x3, Mace x2, Ranseur, Quarterstaff x2, Woodcutter's axe x2, Scythe x3, Boucle x2, Buckler x2, Metal buckler, Greatsword, Great slavedeath, Epee

Armor - Bosparan bronze helmet x2, Mail coif, Leather helmet x3, Gladiator shoulder armor x3, Gladiator leg armor x3, Gladiator gloves x3, Chainmail, Chainmail gauntlets, Bosparan bronze cuirass, Bosparan bronze gauntlets, Bosparan sandals, Caftan pants x3, Caftan x3, Chainmail chausses

Items - Healing potion x15, Good healing potion x10, Astral potion x10, Antidote x10, Bandage x20, Bear trap x5, Tripwire x8, Thorn mat x4, Poison thorn x7, Liana curse x5, Throwing axe x10, Javelin x15

Healer Edit

Trainers Edit

Tulefa al'Kira


Merchants Edit

Merchant (City Center) Edit

Armor - Caftan Pants x6, Caftan x6, Leather boots x3, Leather Coat x2, Gambeson shoes, Gambeson pants, Gambeson gloves, Gambeson, Hardened leather boots, Leather chausses, Leather cuirass, Tricorn, Feathered hat x2, Caftan cap x4, Hood x3

Items - Hylian fire trap x4, Green hell x5, Liana curse x8, Omrais mine x8, Thorn mat x7, Bolt trap x14, Tripwire x17, Thousand bites, Provisions x17, Poison thorn x14, Bandage x23

Alchemist (Alchemist's Quarter) Edit

Weak healing potion x30, Healing potion x20, Good healing potion x15, Master healing potion x10, Weak astral potion x15, Astral potion x10, Good astral potion x10, Master astral potion x5, Antidote x30, Agility elixir x5, Charisma elixir x5, Cleverness elixir x5, Constitution elixir x5, Courage elixir x5, Dexterity elixir x5, Intuition elixir x5, Strength elixir x5, Target potion x15, Berserker potion x8, Arachnae x16, Arax x12, Bonbungaha x3, Dragonspit x6, Goldglue x5, Kelmon x3, Kukris x7, Mandragora x8, Omrais x12, Sleep venom x6, Wurara x10, Black lotos x2, Grey lotos x2, White lotos x2, Pomegranate x2, Gonede x4

Blacksmith (Arena Quarter) Edit

Weapons - Composite bow x2,, Longbow, Shortbow x4, Hunting arrow x80, Fire arrow x30, Sinew cutter x15, Chainbreaker x10, Arbalest, Light crossbow x4, Hunting bolt x80, Fire bolt x30, Sinew cutter bolt x15, War arrow x20, War bolt x20, Chainbreaker bolt x10, Dagger x3, Heavy dagger, Rapier, Djadra, Spear x3, Quarterstaff x3, Broadsword x2, Cutlass x3, Kunchomer, Cleaver x3, Brabak lad, Bastard sword, Double kunchomer, Greatsword x3, Glaive, Halberd x2, Storm scythe, War hammer, Ranseur, Boucle x2, Buckler x4, Great leather shield x5, Wooden shield x4, Reinforced wooden shield x3, Leather shield x6, Metal buckler x3, Metal shield

Armor - Brabak coat chausses x2, Brabak coat x2, Brigandine boots x3, Brigandine chausses x2, Brigandine x3, Bosparan sandals x3, Bosparan bronze gauntlets, Bosparan bronze cuirass, Chainmail boots x2, Chainmail gauntlets x2, Chainmail x2, Gladiator gloves x3, Gladiator leg armor x3, Gladiator shoulder armor x3, Bosparan bronze helmet, Mail coif, Morion, Chainmail chausses x2

Items - Throwing dagger x20, Throwing knife x25, Javelin x10

Inn (Dreamweed Quarter) Edit

Healer (Dreamweed Quarter) Edit

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