Below is a list of achievements that can be unlocked while playing Blackguards. Spellings are as they appear in-game.

  • The Breakout: Tutorial finished
  • Beyond the Border: Finished Chapter 1
  • Freedom!: Finished Chapter 2
  • Among Sharks: Finished Chapter 3
  • No More Lies!: Finished Chapter 4
  • Endgame: Finished Chapter 5
  • Arena Grandmaster: Finished all arena fights in Mengbilla
  • Friends for Eternity: Aurelia chooses you
  • Burn the Witch!: Aurelia turned against you
  • A true son of Al Anfa: Took all the bribe opportunities with Zurbaran
  • Model Student: Met all Trainers
  • Spray and Pray: All heroes of the party have a ranged combat talent of 10 or higher
  • Master of the Arcane: Learned all spells available for player characters in the game
  • Top of the Food Chain: One of your characters has an attribute score of 20
  • Juggernaut: One of your characters has a score of 15 or higher in all attributes
  • Nerd: One of your characters has a talent with a score of 18 or higher
  • Jack of All Trades: One of your characters has a score of 10 or higher in all talents
  • Demi God: One of your characters has 21000 Adventure Points
  • Master of Arms: One of your characters has a weapon talent score of 18
  • Master of All Arms: One of your characters has a weapon talent score of 10 in all weapon talents
  • Archmage: One of your characters has a score of 18 in one spell
  • Rohal's Heir: One of your characters has a score of 10 in all spells
  • Discipline of Peraine: 5,000 Vitality Points healed during all battles, with all characters
  • Servant of Xarfai: Deal 5,000 damage during all battles with all characters
  • Firestarter: Deal 5,000 damage using spells
  • Iron Bladder: Drink 4 potions with one character during one battle
  • Hand of Boron: Use 4 potions with one character during one battle
  • Cheated Golgan (?): Win a battle with one hero standing and a maximum of 15 Vitality Points
  • Oblivious 10: Start a battler without ammunition for your bows and crossbows
  • Curiosity 10: Use 50 interactive objects
  • Three Times the Fun: Swap through all three weapon sets in one battle with one character
  • I am Leonardo: Walk an ideal circle with one character during combat by orbiting 7 hexes
  • Friendly Fire!: Hurt one of your heroes
  • I Hate Lice!: Kill 20 insects with fire damage
  • Free Fall: Knock 10 enemies off ledges
  • Master of Improvisation: Defeat 50 opponents with interactive objects
  • Hunter and Gatherer: All characters wear a complete set of gear
  • Moha Mule: Carry 100 Greatpounds of inventory with you
  • From Mengbilla With Love: Buy 25 flasks of weapon poison
  • Phex's Favourite: Earn 1000 gold pieces
  • Traveller: Visit every location
  • Medicus!: Ask for the healer's services 50 times
  • Red Salamander: TBD
  • A True Stoerrebrandt: Visit every vendor
  • Warm and Cosy: Sleep at the Inn 50 times

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